Some important information for our none EU residents
1. Registration of residancy

By german law you are required to register with the german government once you reside in Germany.
To register you need a proof of residency (which you can get at my office). Once you are registered you will
get a certificate which you need to get your student visa or to open a bank account.

Einwohneramt – Kundenzentrum:
Lenhartzstraße 28 (at the corner of Lenhartzstraße / Kümmelstr.)

opening hours:
Monday 8.00AM till 2.00PM
Tuesday 9.00AM till 4.00PM (8.00AM till 9.00AM by appointment only)
Wednesday 7.00AM till 1.00PM (1.00PM till 2.00PM by appointment only)
Thursday 9.00AM till 6.00PM

2. Change of visa status

As soon as possible after your arrival you need to change your temporary visa into a student visa (you need
the student visa to be able to stay in Germany for a longer period of time).

Please take the following documents along:
a. proof of health insurance,
b. student I.D.,
c. certificate of residency,
d. all financial information to proof that you are able to support yourself.

It takes about four to six weeks to get an appointment, so we recommend that you schedule an appointment
by phone (+49 40 428042981) or
by E-mail (

Einwohneramt – Ausländerabteilung:
Kümmelstraße 7

opening hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 8.00AM till 12.00PM by appointment only

3. Opening a bank account

These financial institutions are close to our student hostel.

Deutsche Bank
Winterhuder Marktplatz 13-15
open Monday through Friday 9.00AM – 4.00PM, Thursday until 6.00PM

Hamburger Sparkasse
Winterhuder Marktplatz 21D (Alsterdorfer Straße)
open Monday through Friday 9.00AM – 4.00PM, Tuesday and Thursday until 6.00PM

Hamburger Sparkasse
Borsteler Chaussee 119
open Monday through Friday 9.00AM – 1.00PM and 2.30PM – 4.00PM, Thursday until 6.00PM

Should you need any information or if you have questions or concerns, please feel free to see me in my office.

K. Turner